Can you capture the soul of a wedding in a photograph? I think so, and that’s always my goal as a professional wedding photographer based in Manchester.

Each wedding is unique, each is an exceptional moment in time for the couple at the centre of it. For this reason, a wedding deserves exceptional photographs, as a visual record, and something you can return to again and again.

I know that there are many keen photographers out there, and that many people will settle for taking their own photographs, or letting their friends and family take care of it for them.

But I believe, if you want to retain truly memorable wedding images, you must choose your wedding photographer wisely, and carefully.

The Story So Far

Photographing a wedding is a privilege. Essentially, you’re an outsider who’s invited into the lives of the people for whom the wedding matters most. You must treat each wedding with respect, because only then will you understand the uniqueness of it. And understanding is the basis for great wedding photography.

What will capture the essence of a wedding day? Sometimes it’s the anticipation, such as the bride-to-be in her dressing gown flanked by her bridesmaids, their backs to the camera. Such scene-setting is a powerful element in visual storytelling.

Or it might be a reaction shot – the bride and groom responding to a speech, the broadness of their smiles reflecting the joy of both the moment and the whole day so far – as in the pictures I took at Jo and Pete’s wedding.

The setting plays a big part, of course. Where Bernadette and Warren were concerned, there was a beautiful moment where they were by the water and it somehow looked natural, slightly precarious but wonderfully romantic all at the same time.

I think this combination of naturalness and artistry is what makes wedding photographs come alive and truly resonate. It’s the perfect mix of documentary and poise.

Similarly, the small moments contribute as much sometimes as the key parts of the ceremony and the celebration.

When I photographed Chris and Jen’s wedding the spontaneous shots of kids at the wedding added a whole extra dimension to the narrative. In fact, the whole shoot was great for capturing a naturally warm atmosphere of celebration.

The Reality Behind the Art

No wedding photograph, however well put together, is worth much unless it carries a degree of meaning.

My background is in conceptual and fine art photography, but I always put people first. Unless you capture the essence of the people involved, and convey their emotions, you can’t make the wedding pictures meaningful.

So yes, I have a style, but it’s a means of getting the story across, and not something that exists for its own sake.

Perfect Wedding Photography

This is what I’ve learned: perfect wedding photography is not actually about perfection, but rather it’s a combination of planning, spontaneity and an eye for the truth.

Some of the work I’m most proud of captures people at their most natural, not their most poised or posed. Of course, you might want images of you as a couple together looking your best, and of course I’ll give you these. But, as I hope my pictures show, telling the whole story of your wedding day involves that certain extra quality I can bring.

Get in Touch

Do you like what you’ve seen? Don’t delay, contact me and let’s discuss your wedding plans and what I can do for you. If you’re planning your wedding for later this year, now is the time to book my services in advance, before my schedule gets busy during the spring and summer.