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Manchester & North West Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Emmett and I’m a Manchester and North West Wedding Photographer based in Chorlton.

Your wedding is a unique narrative, and it deserves to be preserved. Make sure these memories endure with photography that captures the very essence of your wedding day.

Groom kisses his Bride. A beautiful wedding photograph by Manchester and North West Wedding Photographer, EH Wedding Photography.

Your Wedding Photographs

Documenting the feel and flow of a wedding, both its dramatic peaks and small moments of charm, beauty and emotion, requires subtlety, empathy and the professional skills to tell a story in pictures.

Good portrait artists get under the skin of their subjects, and project this inner quality outwards. The best wedding photographers do the same thing – revealing the unique qualities of a wedding by capturing individual scenes, which, together, form a compelling, moving and vibrant narrative.

This is the inner truth of your wedding expressed through photographs, preserved as your most precious memories.

Bride and Groom walk hand in hand through the woods. A beautiful wedding photograph by Manchester and North West Wedding Photographer, EH Wedding Photography.

My Style of Photography

If you hire a professional wedding photographer you should expect exceptional photographs. Along with a professional standard of excellence, I offer my own style and sensibility when I photography weddings around Manchester and the North West.

My background is in fine art and conceptual photography, and my pictures will bring a sense of balance, tone and drama to your wedding.

Most importantly, I’ll capture the beauty and uniqueness of your wedding day. I believe I can offer you something that will make your wedding memories strikingly individual and both moving and personal to you.

Bride and Groom by Manchester and North West Wedding Photographer - EH Wedding Photography

How I Work

I believe that the best wedding photographs come from two key things: forming a trusting relationship with my wedding clients, so that I gain a proper insight into the emotions and aspirations they’ve invested in their wedding day; and that they can trust me to capture the innate qualities of their wedding through my photography; and applying my aesthetic and technical skills to the task in such a way that I can catch the pure essence of the wedding day while remaining unobtrusive, so that events can unfold naturally with me there to capture them.

So get in touch about your Manchester and North West Wedding Photography today.